September 12, 2021

Privacy Policy

Should you opt to make contact with us at, at H-1012 Budapest, Lovas út 6/a., via telephone (0036303373872, 003617974684, 003617974697), or subscribe to our newsletter, you will provide us your personal data. Data protection is of utmost importance for the Center for Fundamental Rights, hence we summarized the most relevant information about the processing of personal data.

1. The data controller

Your personal data is processed by Jogállam és Igazság Nonprofit Kft. (hereinafter: Controller), and the Controller is responsible for the legality of data procession under Hungarian and European Union law [Act CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information; Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)].

Name: Jogállam és Igazság Nonprofit Kft.
Represented by: dr. Miklós Géza Szánthó, CEO
Seat/headquarters: Lovas út 6/a, H-1012 Budapest, Hungary
Company registration number: 01-09-174001

2. Legal basis of data processing

2.1. Legitimate interest

Processing your data is necessary in order to provide you the possibility of contacting us, which is also our legitimate interest. We aim to keep in touch with those who are interested in our activity and it is also important, that they get their requests answered as well. We applied the balance of interests test to identify these interests and we are ready to provide this test upon request.

2.2. Consent of the data subject

In case you, by clicking on the ’subscribe to the newsletter’ button, by providing your data and by accepting our Privacy Policy, give consent to the processing of your data, then this consent is going to be the legal basis of the data processing.

3. Purpose of data processing

3.1. In case of request

Should you send a request to us through our contact information shared on website (hereinafter Website), we will process your personal data. The purpose of the processing here is to keep in touch with our subscribers and to answer their questions.

3.2. In case of subscription

The purpose of subscribing to our newsletter is for you to be regularly informed about our upcoming events and to get you updated on our activity.

4. The processed data

4.1. In case of request

Request via email: name and email address; request through postal letter: name and notification address; request via telephone: name and telephone number; and eventually other personal data, that you provide us.

4.2. In case of subscription

Should you subscribe to our newsletter, the processed data will be your name and email address.

5. Data storage period

5.1. In case of request

Your personal data are stored as long as the purpose determined above justifies it, but no longer than 6 months. If you do not contact us again during this 6 months period, and there is no other legal basis to justify the data processing, we will irrecoverably delete your data.

5.2. In case of subscription

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will process your data until you withdraw your consent to data processing. The easiest way of doing so is unsubscribing from our newsletter.

6. The accessibility of the personal data

Your data are stored in our computer system and on paper, and they are accessed only by those of our colleagues, who are entitled by their position to handle these requests. In addition, the entrepreneur operating our information technology devices and system is also able to access your data, although he has an obligation of confidentiality in respect of the accessed data. We will take every reasonable measure in order to make sure, that no one, who is not entitled, can access your data.

7. Third parties

7.1. In case of social plugins

The stored data will not be forwarded to third parties, and will not be released to the public. However, we inform you, that we use social plugins on our website. In case you click on these you will be redirected to our social media profiles/sites.

7.1.1. YouTube social plugin

By clicking on the YouTube social plugin, you will be redirected to the YouTube channel of the Center for Fundamental Rights. Therefore, it is possible, that regardless of you having or not having a YouTube profile, and also regardless of you using our site with or without signed in to your profile, some data about your visit will be forwarded automatically to YouTube.

In accordance with the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union the information we have to provide to you on this method of data procession needs to relate only to the operation or set of operations involving the processing of personal data in respect of which we actually determine the purposes and means. Should you need any further information about other aspects of this kind of data processing, please, read the Privacy Policy of Google, which owns YouTube, or turn directly to the company on its form dedicated to handle these requests.

7.2. In case of cookies

Our website uses cookies, which can be considered as short data files. Cookie files are placed on the user’s computer by the website and we apply them to improve user experience by making possible for the website to identify the user. They could last for the duration of the visit (session-recording cookies), or for repeated visits (persistent cookies).

7.2.1. The types of cookies used on the website

Cookie files used by us

  • a) are able to extend the functions of the website by storing the settings of the user (for example chosen language),
  • b) promote the improvement of the performance of the website in order to provide a better user experience. Information stored in this type of cookie files is anonymized, and they help us to measure the website usage of the visitors. These services are mainly provided by independent companies, which are dealing with the data measuring and research. Therefore, these data files may be external cookie files.

Both types of cookies are necessary regarding the efficiency of the website and in order to provide a user-friendly experience, therefore, by using our website you accept the placement of cookies at your device. The Controller declares that the cookies do not store any personal data.

7.2.2 Cookies enabling functionality

This cookie, by storing user settings, extends the functionality of the website. It stores information about earlier decisions of the user (for example chosen language), and therefore enables personalized functions.


name purpose
pll_language persistent cookie – this cookie stores a language preference for the visitor to support multi-lingual websites. When set as a persistent cookie, or with the default lifespan of 1 year, it is a functional tool rather than a strict necessity.
CONSENT persistent cookie – used to detect if the visitor has accepted the marketing category in the cookie banner. This cookie is with a lifespan of 6061 days is necessary for the GDPR-compliance of the website.


7.2.3. Deleting cookies

Accepting cookie setting is voluntary. You may block some or all cookie files in your browser, and you can also delete the already installed cookie files.

8. Your rights

8.1. Right to withdrawal of consent

In case we process your data because of your subscription to our newsletter, and with the subscription you also consented to data procession, you may withdraw your consent any time, however, the withdrawal of consent is not affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. Consent can be withdrawn at easiest by unsubscribing.

8.2. Right of access (by the data subject)

You may ask for information about your data processed by us any time. Contact us, and we provide access to information about the purpose, period, legal basis, range of or any other information about the data processing.

8.3. Right to rectification

You have the right to ask us to immediately rectify the inaccurate personal data, as well as to complete your deficient personal data.

8.4. Right to erasure

You may ask the Controller to delete your personal data immediately in case of any of the causes below applies:

– if you withdrew your consent (immediately after the withdrawal);
– if personal data is not necessary anymore for the purpose of the processing;
– if we processed your data illegally;
– if we must delete your personal data due to Hungarian or EU legal obligations.

8.5 Right to restriction of processing

You may ask us to restrict the data processing, if

  • a) you argue the accuracy of the data, until we control that;
  • b) data processing is illegal, and you choose to restrict instead of delete;
  • c) we do not need the personal data anymore, but you need them to submit, endorse or protect legal demands.


9. Enforcement of rights, legal remedies

In order to enforce your rights related to data procession, you may contact us at any time. We will answer your request immediately, but no more than in 25 days. Should you think that your request was unsuccessful or that we violated the law related to the procession of your data, you may contact the National Authority for Data Protection and Information Freedom (9-11 Falk Miksa utca, Budapest 1055; email:, you can initiate administrative procedure, or go to the competent court.

10 October 2021