December 20, 2022

ACG Affirms that the Father Is a Man, the Mother Is a Woman and the Union Must Leave Our Children Alone!

The Alliance for the Common Good (ACG), a coalition of European civil society organizations, denounces the European Union – mired in a corruption scandal, and acting as a mouthpiece for leftist LGBT lobbies – for once again overreaching its competence, and seeking to interfere in the lives of Europeans and our children, in order to impose the recognition of gender ideology on Member States.

The family is the cornerstone of our national communities and the future of our nations, and every child has the right to a mother and a father. In all countries where the ACG has affiliates (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy), marriage is only between a man and a woman, and same-sex couples cannot become parents. It is part of the constitutional identity of our countries that the Family, marriage and parenthood are recognized and honored in their centuries-old forms, based on natural law – and the laws of biology. The European Commission’s plan for the recognition of same-sex parenthood cannot in any way be dictated to the Member States.

The Commission’s proposal, published on December 7th 2022, would force all EU Member States to recognize “rainbow families”. Yet again, the EU is acting as an aggressive promoter of progressive, LGBT-gender ideology, even at the cost of exceeding its mandate in a clear breach of the founding treaties.

The ACG stands firmly for the traditional concept of the Family as a relationship between a man and a woman, based upon the order of Creation, natural law and the limits of biology. We condemn all attempts by the EU to impose liberal, LGBT and gender ideology on its members, in violation of the constitutional identities of the Member States, and in breach of its own competences, bypassing the people of Europe. Forced acceptance of rainbow families violates children’s rights to be brought up and know their mother and father, as mentioned and ratified in Convention of rights of child. Also the EU condemned surrogacy and this would affirm it as tool to form family.

The members of the ACG call on all people and organizations of good will to participate actively in the public debate on the draft proposal for a “Regulation aimed at harmonizing at EU level the rules of private international law relating to parenthood in Europe” and to express their opposition on the Commission’s website. The ACG also calls on Member State governments not to adopt the Commission’s proposal in its current form, including the mandatory recognition of the parental status of homosexual couples in all Member States.

The Alliance for the Common Good was established in 2021 as an association of conservative organizations dedicated to upholding common sense, traditional values and Judeo-Christian Western civilization. ACG members include the Polish Ordo Iuris Institute, the Hungarian Institute for Fundamental Rights, the Slovakian Institute for Human Rights and Family Policy, Aliance pro Rodinu from the Czech Republic and the Italian Nazione Futura.