November 30, 2022

Member organisations of the Alliance for the Common Good met in Prague to discuss the increasing attacks and challenges facing the family

At the initiative of the Czech family organisation Pro Rodinu on 28-30 November, European and American experts and representatives of NGOs, including member organisations of the Alliance for the Common Good, met in Prague to discuss the growing attacks and challenges to family power. Following the conference, the Alliance for the Common Good, of which the Centre for Fundamental Rights is a founding member, issued the following statement.

For decades, we have witnessed how progressive and neo-Marxist forces have sought to dismantle and relativize our religious, national identities and those related to family life and sexuality. All in order to create an atomized society without borders and identities, focused solely on the self-interest of the individuals, devoid of values and therefore easily manipulated. The main aim of the most recent series of systematic attacks over the past few years is to destroy the institutions of Family and marriage, and to relativize our biological characteristics. The spreading of LGBT and gender ideologies has become increasingly virulent, sparing neither schools nor underage children. This trend runs counter to our centuries-old traditions and to the interests of our nations, but it also contradicts common sense, because it inflicts irreparable damage on our countries, our families and our children. All those who regard the fate of their nation as their own, and who are committed to their children must be aware of this fearsome phenomenon, and that we can only stop it by taking joint action.

During the last three days, through the fantastic work done by Aliance Pro Rodinu, internationally renowned researchers and scientists have demonstrated the tragic consequences of the disruption of the Family, the role of LGBT and gender ideology on the younger generations. All of this has led members of the Alliance for the Common Good to collectively affirm the belief that our nations rest on the Family as the most basic unit of society, with marriage as its foundation. Marriage, whether one believes it to be divinely ordained or to be the result of the laws of nature, can only be between one man and one woman. It is the origin of all known civilizations, but especially of Western culture, which is rooted in Judeo-Christian values.

Therefore, the members of the Alliance uphold the following:

  1. Marriage is the loving union of one man and one woman;
  2. The mother can only be a woman, the father only a man;
  3. The education of underage children, especially in the areas of ideology, religion and ethics, is a fundamental right of parents and must be respected by all;
  4. The sensitization of minors to all LGBT and gender ideologies without the prior knowledge and consent of the parents, whether as part of the official school curriculum or through NGO activism, is unacceptable;
  5. the European institutions have no mandate whatsoever to interfere, directly or indirectly, in the legislation of the Member States relating to the Family and marriage.

The Alliance for Common Good condemns any initiative, any sensitization, especially legislative action, which violates religious freedom, the fundamental right of parents to educate their children, or which would restrict freedom of expression in an undemocratic way and silence dissent.

United we stand, divided we fall!

The Alliance for Common Good is an initiative launched in 2021 by Czech, Slovak, Polish, Italian and Hungarian NGOs to defend common sense, our traditional values and Western Civilization.